Leah Spiegel

"This book is a best seller waiting to be discovered! Three friends (one groupie, one internet review writer and one with the cash & car) follow a band for their summer tour. Mystery, romance, friendship and a sexy rock star make this a book you cannot put down. I found myself laughing out loud and really connecting to the characters as I read the book. Foolish Games is a book that will span age groups and genders for a great read!"


"I was truly captivated and enthralled with this book. Such a new concept and once I started, I didn't put it down until I was finished! Night Crossers introduces us to Marcus and how he has had to move to the small town that has some serious problems. Throughout his journey he makes new friends and has revelations about himself to understand his fate! And let's not forget Ryder... I love this character and I am not going to give away what he is, but let's just say he is phenomenal!! Great read and definitely recommend!"

 "I LOVED IT! The story was hysterical! I fell in love with the characters:) They were witty, charming, and made you feel like you were there right along with them. Once Joie meets Hawkins backstage after the first concert, the book really takes off!! It was so captivating that I found myself thinking about it when I had to put it down!! An easy read, and definitely worth the five bucks I paid for it:)"


"I really enjoyed this book- It had it all--a coming of age romance about a young woman who has recently lost her father and ends up reluctantly trailing after a rock and roll band with her best friends only to find love in a very unexpected way. The dialogue is humorous, the characters engaging and the dramatic tension both romantic and murderous in Foolish Games is a hit . I think this book would be a great read for anyone who likes romance but in particular for a young adult or teen audience."


"I had the privilege of being one of the first to read Foolish Games. I enjoy reading and have read books by big name authors such as Nora Roberts, Fern Michaels, and Janet Evanovich to name a few. I have to say that I enjoyed reading Leah Spiegel's book just as much! I can't wait to read more from her!!!"
"I LOVED Foolish Games and I can't wait to read more of your work! I've never had the privilege to read the work of someone I know as a friend and it was a wonderful experience for me to see the "you" parts in the story! I LOL every time I try to imagine you taking off your shoes in a public bathroom! Keep them coming...even the greatest received rejection letters at first (don't you know the one who turned down J.K Rowling is kicking himself now!) Love you! Keep on writing! Love, The Mother of your #1 Fan!"


"This is a great book. It is about mystery, love, and friendship. You will not be able to put it down. I had to keep reading. I am sure that this author will give us many more books. She is a great writer and I am so glad I found her book."


 "I loved the humor and wit between the characters in this book! I could not tell what the outcome would be which was a nice surprise. So many books have predicted outcomes. There is a nice twist in this book. Although this book isn't a vampire book, and revolves around concerts, I found it to be equally good and comparable to Morganville Vampires, Marked, True blood and many others. I didn't want to put it down because it was so good!"