Although we moved down to North Carolina several years ago, we’re originally from the Pittsburgh area. (That’s why a lot of our characters either live in the Burgh or reference our hometown football team, The Pittsburgh Steelers). And yes, we even have the Southern accents to show for it now. Although Megan’s is considerably thicker, Leah still can’t understand the locals.

We are known as "the sisters" among our neighborhood; when actually we’re probably really known as "the sisters with the Yorkies". Our pups, Skippy Jon Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow, were given long names to compensate for their small size but not their large personalities.

If Leah’s not glued to her various laptops, you can find her training "the attack dogs". She also enjoys swimming and running on the treadmill while conceiving the next great book idea with the Dave Matthews Band blaring out of her earphones.

If Megan’s not glued to her cell phone you can find her teaching fourth graders, swimming marathon style at the pool, or cuddling with "the attack dogs" as she watches Duck Dynasty, Gold Rush, The Office, Morning Joe, etc.

Leah graduated from Edinboro University with a BA in Art Education. Megan received her teaching degree from Edinboro University and Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Technology from Grand Canyon University.