We had such a nice turn out for the book launch party for "Foolish Games" and I wanted to thank each and every one of you!! 
    We decided to build a theme around the word "games" so we played games related to the book like how many words are in the book? (111,000 which Cora won) How many pages did we edit? (6,900 which Jen won) And how many people edited the book? (7 which Cindy won!!) Then we played Bingo where everyone had a chance to win:) 
    I want to thank Lisa for the flowers, and Margaret for the gift, Rebecca and Sheree for the card, Caris for the heart dish and the girls (Anna, Emma, Cora, Zariah) for the basket of writing aids and a personalized gift. 
    I would also like to give a big thanks to Bethany, who cohosted the party with Megan, (we couldn't have done it without you!) As well as my wonderful brother-n-law, Spencer, for all the hard work of getting the tables, chairs and setting up the party so that it was perfect! 
    Kim was my photographer for the night! Can't wait to download the pics as soon as I get them! And the local paper stopped by so look for the article!! 
    I had many highlights throughout the night, but my absolute favorite moment was when my sister announced to everyone that she was glad to see my dreams come true:) And though you may not know it, I almost cried when the girls gave me the rose with the personalized note. It was a night that I'll never forget, thanks everyone:)