Writing a book is a long process, but I feel blessed to have an avid reader and an English major in my family. BUT it comes at a price! Fortunately over the last couple years my sis and I have come up with a system that works. Drum roll please ...it's called the "Golden Ticket." Every ten pages she edits my manuscript(s), she gets a golden ticket. Not in the literal sense, it just means that I have to do something for her in return. Those things are killers!! Just some ways my sister has burned her tickets; three to clean out the entire, I mean entire garage that was packed to the gills with crap from the move in April, three tickets to finish painting the man room in Steelers colors (big freaking room), and lots and lots of cleaning. AND the girl loves to collect them! At least five ahead of me, most times, its like owing the mafia. But, I couldn't have done all of this with out her! Love ya Meg!