Foolish Games Summary

Posted by Leah Spiegel on Thursday, March 24, 2011

The back drop for this book's plot is a coming of age story about three friends who follow a band throughout their summer concert tour. The three friends, who include Joie, who has left home without her mother's knowledge, follow the band as Joie tries to decide what she will do next with her life after graduating from high school. It is in the close quarters of Joie's father's micro minivan that she and her friends will live as they follow the touring band. Joie finds herself way out of her comfort zone as she meets J.T. Hawkins the hot but aloof lead singer for the band. Her friends, Lizzie, who's outrageous behaviors get them noticed for all the wrong reasons and Riley, Joie's gay BFF, add  to the relationship drama as both they and a murdering stalker tied to Hawkins' past chase the band from state to state. Do they have time to figure it all out before it is too late?   

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