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Foolish Games Series Top Ten!

Posted by Leah Spiegel on Sunday, December 23, 2012,

The Foolish Games Series was rated number seven of the ‘Top Ten Mature Young Adult Contemporary’ novels of 2012 by Lauren at Live, Read and Breathe. J.T. Hawkins, the lead guy character in the book, was rated number fifteen out of the top fifteen ‘Book Boyfriends of 2012.’


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The third book of the Foolish Games Series, The Wedding Blitz, available now!

Posted by Leah Spiegel on Monday, December 3, 2012,

The final chapters in the Foolish Games Series, The Wedding Blitz, have arrived. Joie, Lizzie, and Riley need each other more than ever. Joie needs Lizzie and Riley to help with the upcoming wedding and trying to win over Hawkins’ mom. Riley needs Joie and Lizzie to help get Harlow comfortable with coming out of the closest. And Lizzie needs help with. . . well Lizzie always needs help. Join the threesome on their last leg of the ride as they laugh, love, and grow together.

Meg and I wou...

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