When I passed my manuscript on to one of my teacher friends, to look for typos, I had no idea that her thirteen year old daughter would take a liking to it. She apparently stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to finish reading the first section. After begging for the final chapters, which we were still in the process of editing, she instantly became my number one fan! I was extremely excited when I heard how much she liked it, but speechless when I read the following letter from her. Those that know me, know that I am not speechless often! 

Dear Leah, 
I just finished reading your book "Foolish Games." I loved it. There is not one certain part, I loved all of it. I loved how it was mysterious and romantic. It was such a good book, I think I might read it again and again, and again. Thank you so much for letting me read your book. I loved how you kept me in suspense!! Leah you are such a good author. I think everyone will love it. I think you should write more books. I will always want to be the first one to read your books because they are so fabulous. I am thinking about starting your first fan club and I will be the first member, yah for me!!!!
Love your biggest fan, 
Anna Cotter